Apologies for missing the October update, but we have exciting news to share this month.

First, welcome to our teacher partners. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about all the goings on at Pageturner.

We continue to extend our reach to new students, and have had 130 join our program this fall. So far, we’ve sent:

  • 20 Kindles to Lynn Chamas’ ninth graders at Unity High School in Oakland. 
  • 70 Kindles to Meaghan Henry’s 8th graders at Longfellow Middle School in Berkeley.
  • 40 Kindles to Michael Olausen’s 9th graders at KIPP College Preparatory in San Francisco.

Jose Zavala’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Learning Without Limits in Oakland were very excited to receive 225 new cases for their Kindles. Third grader David jumped up and down yelling “cases!” in delight. Gotta love the enthusiasm, right?

It looks like Franklin Military Academy (FMA) will be taking 50 of the older Fire tablets we no longer use in our Classroom program. FMA is part of the Richmond, VA public school system, and enables students to experience a regular academic course of study while participating in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Program. FMA’s library media specialist, Dr. Clara Bannister, started a virtual library book club for her students, and we’re excited to see our older devices continue to bring the joy of reading to young people.

Later this month, a group of volunteers will gather once again to unbox and label Kindles we received from Worldreader, and Fires we received from Hinge Health. We should be able to make another big dent in this project. We’re making good progress getting labels on about 5,000 devices, but we’ll likely need to host another labeling party next spring. 

Finally, check out the spiffy new box labels we have to help teachers keep track of their Kindles. Here’s Mark prepping a batch to go out to a new school last month.

We can’t do any of this without the support of our sustaining donors, our teacher partners, and our dedicated team of Pageturner volunteers. Thank you all so very much!