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Support Our Mission

Young people like to read. But they deserve access to good books, all the time. There should be no barriers to reading.

Founded in 2011, the all-volunteer Pageturner promotes the love and power of reading by providing Kindles and an unlimited library of books to elementary, middle, and high school students in Oakland and the Bay Area.

People like you have donated 3,130 Kindles and 2,810 e-books so far. Thank you, Donors!

Here are some ways you can help out!


1. Donate money for books!

The most important part of the program is ensuring that young people have access to the books they want to read. When a student requests a book, we buy it immediately. For each $10 you donate, a student gets a new book to read. Even better: The book becomes a permanent part of the Kindle Library, available to all students. And the book lasts forever, never getting lost or worn.

* Donate an gift card. Filling the form is easy: Choose an amount and enter as the recipient. Please leave your name and email address in the message box so we can thank you. 100% of your gift goes to buy books that students request.
Note: Restrictions apply, see Gift Card Terms and Conditions

* Donate via PayPal. PayPal is another great way to donate. You don't need to have a PayPal account - you can donate with a debit or credit card.
Note: PayPal charges a 3% fee for donations, so 97% of your gift goes to buy books that students request.

2. Donate an item from our wishlist!

Head on over to Pageturner wishlist to donate Kindles, cases, chargers, and other items to encourage students to read all the time. (Important: Be sure to leave your email in the message box so we can thank you.) Your gift will be shipped automatically to the right place.

3. Donate your Kindle!

When you donate a Kindle, you're giving a young person unlimited access to a library of thousands of excellent books. If you have a working Kindle or Fire sitting around and you're not sure what to do with it, please donate it to a student! (We don't accept non-Amazon e-readers.)

Thank you so much for contributing to our students and their reading lives! We are very grateful.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Spread the word!