Oakland, CA | November 1, 2022 - Kindle Classroom Project is proud to announce that we are now Pageturner, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Pageturner will continue to catalyze young people’s curiosity and independence by connecting them with an unlimited library of digital books.

“When I started the project in 2011, it was an experiment in trying to get my students more interested in independent reading,” said Mark Isero, Founder and Executive Director. 

The experiment paid off. Since our beginning with just two Kindle e-readers, we have received more than 4,000 donated Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets to be distributed to young people in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Our focus is working with teachers and students at urban schools in the San Francisco Bay area. Providing unlimited access to the books students want to read is at the heart of our mission. We do not choose books for our young readers – they do. According to Mark, “encouraging independent reading helps inspire our students to become lifelong readers, and that is our ultimate goal.”

A former student recently wrote, “Thank you for bringing the Kindle project to my school. I read more than 500 books in my four years there. I’m about to get a new Kindle to continue my reading and explore more. Thank you for such a great experience. You helped me love reading!”

The financial and equipment donations we receive from supporters across the country are what have made available 3,000 books to the 1,350 students participating in the program this year. Thank you for your continuing support!

For more information about supporting Pageturner and the reading lives of young people, please contact us or visit our website.